Fig.1 Configuration of field test transmission line

Configuration of field test transmission line

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After deciding that single-mode optical fiber cable was appropriate for achieving a high-speed digital transmission system, the Electrical Communication Laboratories (ECL) of Nippon Telegraph and Telephone Public Corporation (now NTT) began field transmission tests in October 1980 to verify its effectiveness. The configuration of the transmission line is shown here. Optical wavelength was 1.3 μm and transmission speed was 400 Mbps.

The transmission line was extended in sections, and in August 1982, comprehensive transmission experiments consisting of 22 repeaters and a total optical fiber length of 420 km were conducted over 5 intervals spanning a distance of 76 km between the Musashino and Atsugi ECL sites. Part of this line was also used to perform transmission tests on a system using multimode optical fiber cable for the sake of comparison. Tests were performed up to March 1983 and the system was found to be stable.

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