Fig.2 System configuration of the +/-80MVA SVG

System configuration of the +/-80MVA SVG

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Fig.2 shows a system configuration of the +/-80MVA SVG which was installed at the Inuyama switching station of Kansai Electric Power Co. In order to reduce the harmonic current flowing out from the SVG within the permissible level, a 48-pulse multiple converter system was employed. The converter consists of eight unit converters which output voltages have the same waveforms but different phase angles by 7.5 degrees from each other. The output voltage waveforms of each unit converter are combined by the multiple transformer with the 48-pulse waveform which is very similar to the sine wave, and the output current harmonics are reduced to the permissible level. Controller consists of 2 functions, AVR and PSS functions. The AVR function detects 154kV bus voltage to maintain within the voltage range defined by the voltage-var slope. The PSS function detects the power flow fluctuation Delta-P of the 154kV system. It dampens power oscillation by controlling reactive power depending on the detected Delta-P.

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