Fig.2 Examples of optical fiber and optical fiber cable structure

Examples of optical fiber and optical fiber cable structure

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    Flaws easily affect optical fiber performance, making fiber handling very difficult during manufacture, installation, and fiber connection. Thus, primary and secondary coatings are used to protect the fiber from surface flaws. The fiber also generally includes a buffer layer between the primary and secondary coatings designed to withstand lateral force. Six coated fibers were assembled and optical cable was fabricated that had several six-fiber units stranded around a central strength member.

    Coated fiber must be designed to avoid any loss increase due to external forces and temperature variation. Therefore, a coated fiber structure was experimentally and theoretically investigated to minimize the stress in the fiber and the plastic deformation due to lateral force, and to avoid fiber buckling at low temperature. The diameter of the buffer layer ds and secondary coating dc are indicated on the hatched side of the curve, and the optimum ds and dc values are 0.4 and 0.9 mm, respectively.

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