[Electrical Technologies / Informatics] - Electricity & Electric Power - [1980 - 1989]

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1980  Electricity & Electric Power

Power System

Longer-Distance and Higher-Voltage Underground Power Transmission Cable
1981  Electricity & Electric Power

Power System

250kV High Voltage Direct Current Facilities used for Hokkaido-Honshu Link
1982  Electricity & Electric Power

New Technology for Energy

Development and Operation of Water-steam-2-phase Fluid Transmission & Double-Flash Cycle Geothermal Power Plant “Hatchyobaru Geothermal Power Station”
1983  Electricity & Electric Power


Development of a Superconducting Toroidal Coil for Fusion Reactor
1983  Electricity & Electric Power

Industry Electric Application

Development of High Power Pulse CO2 Laser of 10kJ Output Energy
1989  Electricity & Electric Power


Construction of the JT-60 Plasma Heating System and Related Works
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