2. FAQ

FAQ(Frequently Asked Questions)

About what’s considered to be noteworthy research achievements

Q:What sort of research results are considered to be noteworthy in contributing to S&T advancement?

A:They are the results of excellent research advanced through scientific investigation to date. The results posted on this database are mainly those that have been commended or recognized as excellent by academic societies that participate in this program.

Q:Does that mean that research results not posted on this website are not considered to be noteworthy contributions to science and technology?

A: As this site posts only research results deemed to warrant special recognition by the affiliated academic societies, it does not cover all of the excellent research results achieved in Japan.

Q:The fields posted on the website appear to be limited.

A:In cooperation with an increasing number of academic societies, plans are to gradually expand the fields covered on this website.

About the search method

Q:How is information accessed on this website?

A:Please refer to the website’s top page [HOME] where you can find its “Search” function, which is used as follows: First select one or more related fields (e.g., electrical engineering, mechanical engineering, life science). Then, input in the blank the prepared keywords or freely chosen words. Last, push the “Search” button. If you wish to carry out a more detailed search, press the “Detailed Search” button. You can focus your search on fields, subcategories, keywords, descriptions/images, and decades (time frames). As on the HOME page, the “Search” function appears on the top page of each field and on each of their sub-category pages. On each page describing noteworthy S&T contributions, there are buttons for “Keyword” searches and “Related Research” searches.

About errors found in the contents of this website

Q: I found an error in the contents of this website. How do I inform you about it?

A: We’d appreciate you informing us about it by filling in the form on the “Inquiry” page.

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