Research on Pattern Recognition

Optical Character Reader developed for the first time in our country.

Fig.1 Optical Character Reader developed for the first time in our country.

Super High Performance OCR “ASPET/71”

Fig.2 Super High Performance OCR “ASPET/71”

    The pattern recognition is a problem with an important meaning for clarifying the information science though it is a problem of related to the development of the input equipment of the computer. The difficulty of the solution of this problem is being recognized more and more deeply at present.

    Dr. T. Iijima was related to the research and development of the first OCR in our country in Electro-technical Laboratory in 1958. As a conclusion learnt from the experience of that time, he reached the idea said that it was necessary to establish the theory of feature extraction based on the topological structure of the pattern set. The pattern recognition problem is divided roughly into two problems like the feature extraction and identification. Because researchers at that time were entirely interested only in the identification problem and had been enthusing about formal logic processing, it is possible to say that his idea was a conversion of a wonderful conception.

    He materialized this thought for the remainder ten years afterwards, and established a united quite original basic theory. He mathematically derived the equation that the observed figure should satisfy from a few basic conditions, and theoretically clarified the aspect of the blur according to the observed figure. Finally, the general expression of the figure was given to clarify an internal structure of the figure and the calculation means of various coefficients for decision the structure of the arbitrarily given figure were established. The whole contents of the theory were announced as a thesis of seven volumes published in the magazine of the academic society, and the details were described in his book published by Corona, Inc.

    In addition, he advanced to the research on the development of OCR technology, and proposed the new identification method named “Multiple Similarity Method” based on this theory. It is well known to succeed in the development of the super high performance OCR “ASPET/71” to receive the cooperation of Tokyo Shibaura Denki, Ltd.

    Thus, he not only placed the recognition problem of the figure pattern on a definite academic base for the first time but also invited a new age for the OCR technology, and contributed to worldwide development in this field.

    He was awarded the achievement prize for this technology by The Institute of Electronics, Information and Communication Engineers in 1977.


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