Researches on auditory and visual information processing by psychophysical and modeling studies

  Norbert Wiener first proposed a concept called “cybernetics” which aims to study excellent biological functions and applying the obtained knowledge to produce new products to enrich human life. In the engineering field, this concept produces a new research field called “Bionics”. After the Bionics Symposium held in America in 1960, the interest on this field increased quickly in Japan.

  In the same age, Dr. Kenji Hiwatashi with his co-workers introduced a section for the study of human auditory and visual functions in NHK Technical Research Labs. In 1965, this biological section together with a physical section to study materials was founded as “Science Research Labs.” of NHK.

    Dr. Hiwatashi investigated mainly the human visual function by analogy with electrical visual pattern transmission system, and further proposed a model to interpret human visual function.

    Dr. Hiwatashi also contributed as the head of Labs. to promote interdisciplinary (psychophysical, physiological and engineering) researches on auditory and visual functions.

    In 1974, the Institute of Electronics, Information and Communication Engineers gave Dr. Hiwatashi the Achievement Award for his pioneering contributions to establish the Bionics in the television research field and artificial intelligence research field.

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