Personal Mobility Vehicle for Rough Terrain, RT-Mover PType WA

Shuro Nakajima

Photo.1 Shuro Nakajima



We developed the personal mobility vehicle in the RT-Mover series. Their concept centers on efficient wheel transport over paved surfaces and other gentle terrain, but also envisions a need to negotiate rough terrain. That is why there are two major mechanisms for their movement: a wheel mechanism and a leg mechanism. The concept of the gait algorithm is the following: “RT-Mover Gait Algorithm” = “Wheel mode, normally” + “Leg motion, if necessary”.
PType WA won the fourth place in the world at the powered wheelchair race in Cybhathlon, 2016.

IEEJ praised the achievement of this development and awarded Shuro Nakajima(Wakayama University) with prize of progress in 2017.


Shuro Nakajima, “Evaluation of the Mobility Performance of a Personal Mobility Vehicle for Steps,” IEEE Access, vol.5, issue.1 pp.pp.9748-9756.

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