The Development of the Premolded Joint for 275kV XLPE Cable.

Outline of PMJ

Fig.1 Outline of PMJ

Site situation

Fig.2 Site situation

 Premolded Joint (PMJ) for 275 kV has not been adopted in Japan, though that for 154 kV and below has been widely used in Japan because some problems had been left. We implemented the long-term performance evaluation of the insulation sleeve in terms of electric and mechanical properties. We also improved the electric performance of the insulation sleeve by sophisticating the manufacturing process and secured the construction technology to assemble it on site. In design, the authors mainly evaluated the relief characteristic of rubber contractile force (interface pressure characteristic between cable and insulation sleeve) that is important factor to maintain electrical strength over the long term. In assembly quality control, they evaluated the impact on the insulation performance due to dents or contaminants that might appear on the interface between cable and insulation sleeve during assembling and confirmed the maximum permissible level of them and established the quality control program for the onsite assembling procedure. These activities led to the success of the application of PMJ to the 275kV line for the first time in Japan.

 IEEJ praised the achievement of this development and awarded Hiroshi Suyama(Chubu Electric Power Co.,Inc.), Tadashi Ohimo( J-Power Systems Co.), and c with prize of progress in 2016.


(1) T. Ogawa, H. Suyama andM. Kumazawa,”The First Application of the Premolded Joint to 275kV XLPE Cable Line in Japan”, 9th International Conference on Insulated Power Cables, 2016.

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