Development of a New Type Low Loss Conductor using carbon fibers.

 Most of transmission losses in overhead transmission lines depend on ohmic losses. It is very effective that the conductor which made ohmic dissipation reduce is applied to using the electricity which was generated at a power plant.
 The authors have developed a New Type Low Loss Conductor for the purpose of contributing to reduction in the transmission losses in power system.
 The resistance values of the developed conductor is more than 20 % lower and the mechanical strength is equal to or greater than those of the conventional conductor.
The technical outline is as follows.
 ・Aluminium clad steel wires are changed a carbon fiber whose weight is lighter and tension strength is equal to or greater than.
 ・An aluminium cross-sectional area is increased because the stranded cables of the carbon fibers was made thin.(The outer diameter is not changed.)
 ・The carbon fiber stranded cable is covered with aluminium as electrolytic corrosion measures.

IEEJ praised the achievement of this development and awarded Tomomichi Omote(Kansai Electric Power Co.), Koji Nagano(J-Power Sysytems Corp.) and Toshinobu Tsuji(J-Power Sysytems Corp.) with prize of progress in 2016.

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