Development and practical use of large screen display device utilizing high-luminance color discharge tube

High-luminance color discharge tubes

Fig.1 High-luminance color discharge tubes

A part of a large screen display

Fig.2 A part of a large screen display

A large screen display device,

Fig.3 A large screen display device,

  With progress of the information age, the image display of various forms has been put in practical use making full use of the technologies of display devices and image processing. As for the display device used especially on the outdoors, a clear image is required also in the daytime of fine weather. Although a CRT was put in practical use as a display device, luminous intensity was low and there were some problems which should be improved color rendering etc.

  The discharge tube system was targeted as a device which can realize high luminous intensity having the response characteristics and tone control almost equivalent to CRT and development concentration was carried out. The color high luminous intensity discharge tube was put in practical use in 1984. After that, a lighting control gear using a high-frequency inverter system with dimming function was developed, and a 256-level tone controller was successfully produced, and luminous efficacy also increased.

  As a large screen display device, the highest display surface luminous intensity of 5000 cd /m*m in the world was realized by development of these display devices and lighting controlgears. And in various set-up environments, conversion circuits for realizing optimum tone were also developed.

  Furthermore, the image-processing circuits for taking out and complement efficiently the signal of green components which influences resolution was developed. Appearing in 1987 was a large screen color display device of a discharge tube system that could express images in such a way to give realistic sensations.

  The engineers of Toshiba Lighting Technology Corporation involved in the technical development of this discharge-tube-system display device — Akihiro Inoue, Hitoshi Imamura, Shigeru Okada, Katsuyuki Ide, Nobuo Shibano, Kazuhisa Takahashi, Yukiko Nakase, Mitsuhiro Hamaguchi, and Shinji Ohta — were awarded the “Japan Lighting Award” by the Illuminating Engineering Institute of Japan in 1988.

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