Development and Evaluation of Demand and Supply Control, Isolated Operation Technology at Hachinohe Micro-Grid Project

Overview of Hachinohe Micro-Grid Test System

Fig.1 Overview of Hachinohe Micro-Grid Test System

To meet the global warming, renewable energy sources like wind, solar and biomass generations are dramatically increasing. Cogeneration systems are also ever-growing to save consumers’ energy costs among factories, buildings and homes where lots of thermal loads are expected. According to these dispersed generators growth, their negative impacts to commercial power systems quality become non-negligible, because their unstable output causes network voltage and frequency fluctuation.

Micro-grid technology comes to the front to solve the problem and many demonstrative field tests are now going all over the world.

We proposed the new control paradigm and its application to Hachinohe micro-gird project, especially focusing on demand and supply control, and 3-phase load unbalance control to guarantee the power quality at both normal and isolated operations.


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