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Development of 1010 m/min. ultra high-speed elevator with atmospheric pressure control, active mass damper etc.

Overview of TAIPEI 101.

Fig.1 Overview of TAIPEI 101.

Development items for 1010m/min ultra high speed elevator.

Fig.2 Development items for 1010m/min ultra high speed elevator.

Permanent magnet synchronous motor (PMSM).

Fig.3 Permanent magnet synchronous motor (PMSM).

Car configuration and active mass damper (AMD).

Fig.4 Car configuration and active mass damper (AMD).

Atmospheric pressure regulating system.

Fig.5 Atmospheric pressure regulating system.

1. Abstract

Super high speed elevator of 1010 m/min was installed within TAIPEI101 built in Taipei in Taiwan, and it was now commercialized. Fig.1 shows an overview of TAIPEI101. This elevator can go up from the 1st floor to the 89th observatory floor in 39 seconds. The challenging development items are the following new technology.

- A powerful traction machine and a twin-drive control system
- An atmospheric pressure regulation and an active vibration-eliminating control for comfort riding on a car
- A safety device and an oil buffer for ensuring the safety of passengers
Fig.2 shows main development items.

2. Technology

Fig.3 shows a powerful traction machine of PMSM (permanent magnet synchronous motor). The machine has maximum-output 1186Kw and rated-output 168Kw. This machine with two winding lines, so called twin-drive control, is connected to two parallel independent converter/inverter units. It has a special frame for avoiding a vibration caused by an electromagnetic force. Moreover, it is installed with the double multi-step vibration-eliminating construction for shut down of effect to the tower.

A new type roller-guide unit of rolling along a guide rail for guiding a car was developed. This unit decreases lateral vibration. A balance weight is loaded in the lever bottom of a guide roller, and an interference spring undertakes all the forces of working from a guide roller. A force does not work on the rocking shaft (bearing) of a lever by inertia of a balance weight. Moreover, an active mass damper (AMD) that was actively controlled lateral vibration was attached to a car. We developed a streamlined aerodynamic capsule for reduction of a wind noise. The top spoiler of the wedge configuration attached in the end of an upper and lower capsule improved the turbulent flow on the surface of a car (Fig.4). It was contributed to reduce the noise within a car.

Furthermore, the configuration of a car has an air-tightness, and atmospheric pressure regulating system, that is, suction and discharge blower, located in car bottom as shown in Fig.5. It realized atmospheric pressure rate of change by making it constant from starting to run to stop that may ease passengers’ ears to pop which feels very uncomfortably.

We also developed a safety device as safety measures. In emergency, a safety device activates brakes perfectly for slowing down and finally stopping of a car by catching a guide rail, when a car drops by over speed in case of the main rope cutting etc. The surface temperature of the braking shoe of the safety device exceeds 1000°C. Therefore, we applied processing grooves to the surface with a special type of silicon nitride ceramic, which has excellent heat resistant and wear-resistant characteristics.

We confirmed of high reliability of this device through 60 times or more car-dropping test. Moreover, we also evaluated the characteristic of traction rope sway by means of simulation. The result was applied to design a device for preventing to twine to the apparatus in a hoist-way.

3. Conclusion

High-grade perfect elevator system has accomplished by newly developing components or units in spite of challengeable high barrier of breaking 1000 m/min. Furthermore, we focused on the installation technique at site. Authorized excellent experts of installation set up higher precisely processed guide rails. They also confirmed the linearity of all passage of the guide rail by a laser detector. These were contributed to very high precise installation. Ultra high speed and comfortable riding elevator with perfectly safely operation of safety devices was realized.

One year or more has past since TAIPEI101 was opened, and so many customers use this elevator safely and comfortably.

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