Lighting landscape in Nagoya City

The “Akari Area” of the Hisaya-odori district

Fig.1 The “Akari Area” of the Hisaya-odori district

The White Swan venue at the design exposition

Fig.2 The White Swan venue at the design exposition

So-called “light up” has long been known as a common method of illuminating single facilities such as historical building. One place trying to expand this concept—from lighting up of points to lines, and then surfaces as well as spaces—is Nagoya City.

The trigger for this expansion has been the urban landscape administration of Nagoya City, who have been addressing three pillars—organization, policies, and guidelines—since around 1980 onwards. In 1987, as one basic target of the “Nagoya City Urban Landscape Basic Plan”, the theme of creating “a town with vibrant charm” was expanded to making “a town with charming nights” in addition to “lighting up downtown”.

For example, in the Hisaya-odori district of Nagoya, the concept of an “akari area” (or brightly lit area) covering entire zones, and involving government hand-in-hand with the private sector, was devised. As a result, an area giving off a feeling of expanse, breadth, and depth was created (see Figure 1).

As part of the city’s 100th anniversary, in 1989, the World Design Exposition was held (see Figure 2), and an illumination plan taking into consideration urban landscapes as well as venue interiors was framed, and the “Design City Declaration” was subsequently made. After that, with the same year (the first year of the Heisei period) named the “first year of design”, lighting up of urban spaces was set as the tone.

The people involved in this lighting-up plan—Yoshiaki Mazaki and Morihiko Yamaguchi of Nagoya City government; Motomu Yoshii of the World Design Exposition Association; Toshikatsu Ozeki of the Land Planning and Construction Research Center; Hiroshi Hara of the World Design Exposition; Hidemitsu Hayashi of Aichi Prefectural University of Fine Arts and Music; and Takeo Yasuhiko, Susumu Usui, and Kengo Hio of Matsushita Electric Works, Ltd.—received the “Japan Lighting Award” from the Illuminating Engineering Institute of Japan in 1989.

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