Lighting facilities at Tokyo Dome

The interior of Tokyo Dome

Fig.1 The interior of Tokyo Dome

External view of Tokyo Dome

Fig.2 External view of Tokyo Dome

Baton lighting and ring lighting

Fig.3 Baton lighting and ring lighting

    Opened in 1988, Tokyo Dome was the first all-weather membrane-type dome in Japan. The interior of the dome—covered in an air-filled membrane 200 meters in diameter—can accommodate 56,000 spectators. As a general-purpose arena, Tokyo Dome is not only used for baseball games but also for various other sport events, concerts, exhibitions, and so on.

    This lighting facility is composed of a group of 14 batons lights hung from the ceiling and ring lights placed on the upper parts of the walls behind the spectator seating. Moreover, assuring enough illuminance for professional baseball games (i.e., 2500 lux between batteries, 2500 lux infield, and 1650 lux outfield), it is also effective for color television shooting. To ensure any kind of event (in addition to baseball) can be handled, the light source is composed of 1138 1000-W high-efficiency, metal-halide lamps.

    During the daytime, daylight shines through the air-filled double-membrane structure of the dome. The luminance of the membrane and that of the ball vary according to the hour-by-hour variation of daylight. When both sides are in unison, however, it becomes difficult to see, leading to what is known as “Dome error”. Given this condition, the lighting is controlled by sensors attached to the membrane, and spatial floodlights for lighting balls flying in air only are also installed.

    The nine engineers involved in the research and development and the subsequent manufacturing of this lighting—Katsumi Arakawa (Tokyo Dome), Akio Orihara and Koichi Kaiho (Hikken Sekkei), Eiichi Muramatsu, Takanori Chiba, and Kiyoshi Shimizu (Takenaka Cooporation), Ikuya Karube (Kandenko), and Hiroshi Katoh and Akihisa Sudo (Koito Industries Ltd.) received the “Japan Illumination Prize” from the Illuminating Engineering Institute of Japan in 1988.

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