Development of 3,000kW superconducting d.c. generator

Concept drawing

Fig.1 Concept drawing

Skelton diagram

Fig.2 Skelton diagram

For superconductive d.c. generators the homopolar configuration is appropriate because of its simple construction of field coils. The d.c. homopolar generator features a low voltage but a heavy current. For example, the maximum voltage attained by a non-superconductive large generator was 70V, while the current was more than 100kA. It is evident that the current capacity is large enough, but the voltage is not for use as a normal d.c. source. By introducing a superconductive technology into the conventional homopolar machine, however, this could be changed. The proposed superconductive homopolar d.c. generator could output several hundred volts. and several hundred kilo-amps.

To prove the above, a superconductive homopolar generator was developed. Its rating was: 3,000kW, 20kA, 150V at 1,000 rev/m, and 4.5T produced by a superconductive coil of 1.6m bore.


[1] M. Yamamoto, M. Yamaguchi、Superconducting d.c. generator、1974、Proceeding of 5th International Cryogenic Engineering Conference, 1974, pp154-156

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